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Frequently Asked Questions – Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have cuts in the evening on some channels despite my broadband2019-01-19T19:34:24+01:00

If you are at Free, you have probably noticed cuts and beug at night from 18h until late hours of the night, this problem is not because of our IPTV server, it is Free that makes a flow clamping, you can test the flow on the site : fast.com the moment you have the breaks or test with a good 4G connection.

Why the site fast.com and not another site?

Because fast.com is a Netflix powered site that is at war with some of the operators who are doing iptv feed bridging, the best known of these operators is Free.

To overcome this problem and take full advantage of your IPTV subscription, you have the choice between two solutions:

1- Disable ipv6 from your Freebox, to know how to do it click here .

2- Change operator and move to SFR, Orange or Bouygues .

2- Go behind a VPN.

Here are some suggestions of VPN that can fix this problem of breaks and flow clamping:

Express VPN which is perfect but paying (7 days free trial): www.expressvpn.com
Try tunel bear which is free : https://www.tunnelbear.com/
These VPNs are available on PC, Android, iOs, try to change the IP and test on fast.com until the moment you have a good flow and try to connect after your iptv application.

On the Play Store I am told that Smart iptv application is not compatible, what to do?2019-01-19T19:33:30+01:00

On some Android Boxes, it is possible to encounter this problem of incompatibility of the application on Google Play, to solve this problem, you must install the application manually, go to the site of the application on this page et download the APK file and install it manually on your BOX.

Why are some channels not working properly or I have no sound?2019-01-19T19:33:13+01:00

In some cases please check the media formats and codecs supported by Android. If your feed does not work directly in the application, it means that it is not supported by native Android codecs, so you will have to use an external application (For example: VLC player or MX player)
Important !You must install one of the available media players in Google Play to play videos in your playlist.
Some examples are VLC, MX Player etc. These media players automatically install codecs that play back certain video and audio formats that are not supported by the native Android system.

I have an Android Box, how can I enjoy your iptv subscription?2019-01-19T19:32:46+01:00

There are several applications compatible with our IPTV subscription, with any order we will provide a m3u file link that can be read with almost all iptv applications that exist on Android, the best known are: Smart iptv, Kodi, Ssiptv, VLC, MX player, Perfect iptv player, Gse Smart iptv …etc

-Link of our Android Apps for your client having Android Cases :

Description : Works only with login and password of the customer subscription line.
Description : Works with client ID + client password + server URL:
I have an Android box, is your subscription compatible?2019-01-19T19:32:39+01:00

Yes, our subscription is compatible with all Android Boxes and Boxes via iptv Smart Apps, Kodi, VLC, Perfect Player, GSE Smart IPTV …

I have a lot of freezs and jerks and my application crashes, what to do?2019-02-02T04:04:45+01:00

If you have a LG Smart TV :

– Remember to update the WebOs system on your TV.

At the level of Smart iptv application settings “Settings” , change the setting “Stream player type” and change it on nc auto and restart the TV .

Please visit the Smart iptv application site for more details (website in English): http://siptv.eu/howto/

If the Smart IPTV application crashes and you notice repetitive interruptions, please turn off the TV and unplug the power cable (electricity) for about 30 seconds and then restart the application again (do not worry because your playlist does not will not be erased, it will just clear the cache of your TV and reset the application for it to work again.

Smart TV Samsung :

Do you have cuts, latencies, very slow channel loading, slow response when you swap or try to go back to groups or zap between channels?

In this case, try to remove the cache of your Tvs, the TV does not have as much memory as an Android box.

To remove the cache of your TV :

For Samsung F series : http://www.samsung.com/in/support/skp/htg/10840#none

If you have another version of Samsung, unplug the power cable from the TV for at least 30 seconds to make a Hard Reset as well to clear the temporary cache of the TV and remember to reboot your router or internet box also .

Also change the Buffer time option to “0” or “auto” from the Smart iptv application settings. so you do not use memory .

For best results, use the Ethernet cable instead of Wifi to connect your TV to the internet.

Flow flow problem :

Perform a test on the website : fast.com check the speed it gives you (please use this site not another like speedtest..etc)

  • If the result is less than 4Mbps: </ strong> the flow will not pass and you will have cuts on almost all channels ?
  • Débit recommended for HD : 8Mbps or plus .
  • Débit recommandé for FullHD : 12Mbps or plus.

Problème de mémoire cache de l’application ou de mémoire RAM insuffisante :

Parfois la causes des beugs et saccades pourront être une mémoire RAM insuffisante ou un problème de la mémoire cache de l’application, le plus recommandé est d’avoir une BOX Android avec 2go ou + de RAM .

En cas de problèmes de la mémoire cache (Buffering sur toutes les chaines, écran noir ) essayez de débrancher le câble d’alimentation (électrique) de votre TV ou boitier et de patienter pendant 20 ou 30 secondes et puis le rebrancher à nouveau, cela permettra de vider la mémoire cache de l’application et pourrait régler ce problème .

Fixer l’adresse IP Wifi et mettre le DNS de Google :

Essayez de fixer l’adresse ip Wifi ou ethernet depuis les paramètres réseau de votre smartphone , Android, PC, Smart TV ou Mag , choisissez de mettre l’adresse ip manuellement  par exemple :  et utiliser comme DNS celui de google : DNS primaire :   et DNS scondaire (facultatif) :

I have the Kodi application, how to make my m3u file work on it?2019-01-19T19:31:44+01:00

To read the m3u file of your iptv subscription on Kodi, you need to install an Addon under the name of PVR iptv simple client , here is a little video that shows you how to do that : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agLVJ_B_LxY

My MAC address changed after I switched to another type of connection?2019-01-19T19:30:48+01:00

Each TV has 2 MAC addresses (the first is for WiFi, the second is Ethernet) the second MAC address is activated automatically after switching to another type of connection and restarting the application. The MAC address is unique for each TV and can not be changed manually.

Does your iptv subscription work with LG and Smasung Smart TVs?2019-01-19T19:30:37+01:00

Yes, our subscription is compatible with SMart TV Samsung and LG and all other Smart TVs running Android, you just need to install and activate the application Smart iptv

How to put the file on my Smart ipTV app myself?2019-01-19T19:30:26+01:00

It is strongly recommended to learn how to put your playlist in the Smart iptv application yourself because it is possible to lose your playlist at any time and receive errors from the application during updates, beugs, expiration of 7 days test ..etc

To handle your subscription on your own and learn how to put the link of your m3u_plus file directly on your application without the help of anybody, go on the website of the application : http://siptv.eu/mylist/

and follow the steps as the picture below :

Method 1: Put the Link (Auto Updates) – Recommended

1- Go to this page: siptv.eu/mylist

2-Copy your m3u link (You will find the link on the confirmation email or by accessing your account on the part orders et click on the order number or “see” on the right)

3- Do as in the picture below:

Method 2: Load the downloaded file from your computer :

1-Download the file to your computer using your m3u link

2- Go to this page : siptv.eu/mylist

3- Do as in the picture below :

How to have channel programs (EPG) and logos on Kodi?2019-07-29T15:08:41+02:00

Method 1 : use an external XMLTV link :

It is possible to have the epg and the logos of the chains on Kodi, to have the programs tv, You must create a file xmltv which contains the programs of the chains (epg) and which is updated automatically. To do this, go to the website kazer.org (There are other websites offering XMLTV files).

After creating your account on the Kazer.org website, you will have the possibility to choose the channels in which you will like having the EPG programs, after you will generate an XMLTV file.

At the level of the simple customer PVR settings on Kodi, you insert the generated link:

Method 2 : Install the Xtream-iptv Add-on on KODI :

Erreurs Smart IPTV : “Server (URL) connection timeout”,”url nr.1 error” , “Check playlist URL” or “No playlist uploaded”

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Is your iptv subscription compatible with all MAG box versions?2019-01-19T16:16:45+01:00

Yes, our subscription is compatible with all versions of MAG :250-252-253-255-256-322-323-352-353…etc